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Serbian men kiss three times on the cheek, not distinguishing between men and women as the recipient.

The wide range of regional folk costumes show influence from historical Austrian, Hungarian, German, Italian, and Ottoman Turkish presence.Men are unlikely to take on women's work, whether it's in the home or in female-dominated fields such as teaching, public service and catering, especially in rural areas.According to Ambassador-Serbia.com, the stereotype of the Serbian man is someone who's semi-athletic, wears designer clothes and carries his personal grooming to the level of metro-sexual.They often derive their formats from game shows produced in the United States, most of them having been run on Canadian networks such as CTV, Global and Citytv.Although American game and quiz shows are popular in Canada, Canadian residents are not eligible to be contestants on some of them, Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy!

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Canadian English-language game and quiz shows have often been aimed towards children and teenagers between the ages of six and 19.