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When she got into weather reporting, she realized how much she loved doing it.

Sometime during the 2009 hockey season Hartnell and Lisa parted ways.

Rumors of her supposed affair with Jeff Carter (who at the time was playing with the Flyers) surfaced and Hartnell's play suffered -

wss=/philly/sports&id=80045987At the time both Hartnell and Carter denied the story.

Sheena enjoys a mixed ethnicity; Persian, German and Native American.

She joined Florida State University in its renowned for meteorology program. And then I said, 'So this is how people start doing weather on TV.' I never knew that.

In 2013, reported about Scott Hartnell and Sheena Parveen's Wednesday night drink date at an Irish Pub in January 2013.

How do you think you’ll be able to balance your relationships in the game and sometimes having to be critical of friends, ex-teammates and teams you played for?

And if you want to know whether you have any chances of being the husband of this beauty, then you must stick with us.

Caption: Former NBC 10 reporter, Jamison Uhler (2007) Sheena Parveen was dating the handsome, 5 times award-winning ABC News anchor Jamison Uhler, @Jamison WFTS, in 2012.

As he told Philadelphia Sports Week in 2012:" data-reactid="20" "It was pretty tough," he says now.

"Somebody you love absolutely turns the switch and calls you every bad name under the sun. And making the money I do, I lost a lot of money in the mix as well. But it was a really tough year." Now, keep in mind it’s April 1. In any event, the social media fun wasn’t contained to current Flyers, as Mike Richards of the Los Angeles Kings chimed in with some life advice for the “powerball winner”: Wow, two Flyers tag-teaming someone. (OK, one's an ex-Flyer.)More here from Crossing Broad.

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HARTNELL: “I don’t think I want to be one of those guys where you just absolutely bury a guy for not taking a hit to make the play, where if I was a teammate I probably would have said something.

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