What is osl dating

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What is osl dating

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However, thermoluminescence proven acceptable in providing approximate dates in the absence of more exact measures.These charge defects are potential sites of electron storage with a variety of trap-depth energies.A subpopulation of stored electrons with trap depths of ~1.3–3 me V is a subsequent source for time-diagnostic luminescence emissions.The purity of the quartz extract is primal for effective dating because a small amount contamination (1 %) by potassium feldspar and other minerals can dominate the luminescence emissions.Multiple soaks in HF may be needed to obtain a pure quartz separate.

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Often this luminescence “cycle” occurs repeatedly in many depositional environments with signal acquisition of mineral grains by exposure to ionizing radiation during the burial period and signal resetting (“zeroing”) with light exposure concurrent to sediment erosion and transportation.