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Ideally, this snapshot is updated daily to keep the snapshot fresh, so that it always contains the latest/greatest overview of all your published URLs.

On the other hand, RSS and Atom feeds are the preferred way of informing us about brand new URLs on your site.

The new Tele2 SMS payment has been added in Lithuania recently.

This is useful as it will help us capture fresh content every time you publish content.

Note: processing submitted sitemaps takes time and can take from a few hours up to a few days.

You can resubmit an already submitted sitemap by selecting the checkbox in front of the sitemap URL and clicking Resubmit.

Last updates The new service ''Rise your profile in search results'' has been tested and started.

Now it is available for Lithuanian and Russian users.

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If the sitemap URL you submitted points to an a XML Sitemap Index, you can click on the Sitemap URL and see details for all contained sitemaps.

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