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Ut arlington dating

Explores the field of underwater archaeology and research methods. Readings include ethnographies, life histories, and fiction. Medical systems studied cross-culturally to understand how environmental, biological, social, and cultural factors affect disease and health. Origin, evolution and decline of the first high civilizations in Europe, namely the Minoans on the island of Crete and the Mycenaeans in Greece.

Course follows the African archaeological record from earliest evidence for human behavior through beginnings of state society. Covers a broad range of topics exploring hunting through time, from the prehistoric to the present. The development of complex cultures from village farming societies in various regions of the Old and New Worlds. This course investigates the collapse of past societies. Topics include shipwrecks, submerged terrestrial sites, the use of scuba diving, robots, and sonar in excavation and survey, and the history and development of the discipline. Debates within anthropology and within specific cultures over maleness and femaleness. The cultural dynamics of traditional practitioners and rituals within the health care system. Stone Age background and Early Bronze Age seafaring in the Cycladic Islands; Late Bronze Age society, economy, and religion; art and architecture of the Minoan and Mycenaean palaces; Linear A and B tablets; Mycenaean collapse and the beginning of the Iron Age; Homer's Iliad, archaeology and the Trojan War.

Formerly ANTH 3307; credit will not be granted for both ANTH 2307 and ANTH 3307. Topics include fieldwork, cross-cultural analysis, applied anthropology, and global perspectives on political, economic, and social institutions. This evidence ranges from entire landscapes to small objects. Prerequisite: Membership in the Honors College or permission of instructor. May be offered on campus or as a field course or study abroad course. This course will demonstrate that a strong adherence to scientific investigation can uncover facts about prehistory that are as interesting as the myths. Prerequisite: ANTH 2339 or permission of instructor. Offered as BIOL 3307 and ANTH 3307; credit will only be granted in one department.

Genetics, living and fossil nonhuman primates, the human skeleton, the fossil record of human evolution, modern human variation and biological adaptation. Examines systems of social organization and cultural meaning in contemporary human societies. (TCCN = ANTH 2302) Archaeology is the study of the human past through physical evidence and material remains. Writing-intensive course including group and individual projects and oral presentations. Topics include identity, heritage, commoditization, historical and cultural representation, and authenticity. Through the close examination of case studies we will dispel archaeological myths and mysteries which are often depicted as fantastic or cult archaeology. This course satisfies the requirements for UNIV 1101. This course satisfies the requirements for UNIV 1101. Topics include diet/paleodiets, sleep habits, infectious diseases, the developmental origins of health and disease, mental health, women's health and reproduction, and aging/senescence, among others.

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Offered as BIOL 4316 and ANTH 4315; credit will be granted only in one department. Intensive examination of an important problem in anthropological research selected by the instructor. May be repeated for credit with departmental permission.

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