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Posted by / 18-Nov-2019 18:10

The therapist was doing fascial work, of course — you can’t get a massage in Vancouver these days without getting your fascia worked over.

She was using some annoying pulling and twisting techniques, trying to “release” my fascia, instead of using the more satisfying, relaxing Swedish styles I craved.

I have challenged fascia fans to cite fascia science, with no result for years now.

This article reviews several key candidates, such as well-known studies about fascia’s toughness, its contractility, and its role in back pain.

None confirm any clinical relevance of fascia, and some actually undermines it.

I also cover many other related subtopics, such the irrelevance of piezoelectricity, thixotropic effect, the popular “fuzz” theory of stiffness, and more.

When he saw Crick’s exasperated expression he said, “but Dr.

The main idea is that fascia — tough connective tissue wrapping around all muscles and organs — can get tight and restrictive, and needs to be “released” by pulling on it artfully.When we got to the conversation about exterior colour and started looking at stone and brick colours, I informed them that a beautiful combination of stone and brick was almost as rare as a unicorn sighting and I asked them if they had a photograph of an exterior they had seen that they both liked.They gave me a stunned look and the wife said “That’s our biggest argument, we can’t agree on an exterior colour combination that we both like”.“That’s because most of them are bad.” I said.She launched into an awkward account of her technique, but words truly failed her: times over the years, even from the well-trained massage therapists around here, and physiotherapist too …Fascia apologists are forever trying to convince me that their fetish for this tissue is evidence-based, clinically relevant, and intellectually mature, and yet I I nearly broke my hand, and I’ve been recovering from that injury.

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