The dating element

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The dating element

As social networking explodes many relationships will be confronted with a new set of challenges that were virtually nonexistent a few years ago.

Married couples would never just casually phone members of the opposite sex for a private conversation or go hang out with them one-on-one.

You can chat with your ex-lover on your lap-top while your spouse is in the same room!

An innocent exchange can turn into an attraction or even a “Fatal Attraction” very easily. If you friend a former lover, even if you are not actively sending them personalized email, you are passively reminding them of your presence with every wall post.

I would feel approximately 50% would consider getting back with an old love.

But we are viewing this through a nostalgic lens, the things that went wrong we seem to forget.

But before you open your heart fully to that second chance, you have to re-visit, with crystal clarity, why the love was lost in the first place.

Was there a difficult situation for one of you, and the timing was wrong for you to be together?

Take the time to look back at the relationship and see why it ended.But most importantly you want to make a healthy decision based on what is best for you, not out of loneliness.Under the right circumstances, reconnecting with a lost love can be a wonderful thing.Are you trapping yourself with an on-again/off-again relationship?Sustaining a long-term relationship is commendable, but not if it’s replete with multiple breakups.

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Te only time that might not be wise would be if someone will be hurt or if there was prior abuse. Molly 5442Gillian #5603Is it ever advisable to reconnect with a lost love?

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