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But as he grows closer to Blue through their emails, Simon begins looking for signs of him in the real world based on clues from their exchanges, becoming open to the prospect that any cute boy he meets might be the object of his e-desire, making himself vulnerable to possibilities he hadn’t previously allowed himself to imagine.

Community has always been a huge part of the queer experience, and it’s telling that Simon only begins his coming-out journey after he discovers that someone else in his daily life is going through the same thing.

You could say that characters like Simon and their urge to assimilate are straight-washing queer narratives, but his refusal to cop to the hallmarks of the coming-out story actually allows for a more nuanced exploration of what it means to declare an identity in today’s world.

Simon eventually posts his coming-out story in his own words even after everyone already knows the truth about his sexuality, which is partly a last-ditch effort to declare his love for Blue—whose own path out of the closet remains unpaved—but also becomes a rallying cry for anyone who fears that the secrets they keep about themselves are what must eventually define them.

Edward Norton gave an electric performance as a murder suspect in Gregory Hoblit’s by comparison.

Marshall (Henry Cavill) is a hunky cop who split from his wife because, in the tradition of many film detectives before him, he simply cares too damn much about catching psychos.

None of these films were made with Demme and Fincher’s respective humanity and panache, but a handful featured memorable acting.

Greg Berlanti’s charmingly heartfelt —is a remarkably successful attempt to give shape to the experience of the closet by drawing an incredibly intimate portrait of a teenage boy about to leave it behind.

Simon (Nick Robinson) is a high school senior with a great group of friends and a loving family.

He also happens to be gay, and when an anonymous online post by one of his classmates reveals that the closet is at least big enough for two, he begins an increasingly intimate correspondence that leads to him falling in love with the other boy—known only as Blue—via email, without knowing if the two of them have ever actually met in real life.

Until now, Simon’s fear of change and the effort to keep everything just the same as it’s always been has led him to deny himself available pleasures that seemingly everyone else takes for granted.

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And the applause, when he finally gets the guy, is deafening.

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