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While this may sounds like every frat boy's dream, it's actually for girls' eyes only, meant to be seen by friends and no one else. For some, it's allowing your sexuality to manifest in a way that will never come back to haunt you.

Alana Levinson wrote about receiving her first frext in Medium, likening it to seeing a grownup changing in the locker room: "I was excited and in awe and also a little embarrassed." Adulting outlines some ground rules: "Frexting etiquette includes replying with positive emojis, including but not limited to the little fire, a cat with hearts for eyes and clapping." I would also recommend the dancing lady. You don't have to worry about a critical male gaze or that a boyfriend you send it to will do something with vindictive with it later.

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  1. Why it's popular: Online chat rooms have been around for ages, as have the iffy and inappropriate conversations that happen in them. Why it's popular: There's something to be said about sharing one's innermost thoughts without repercussions, especially if those thoughts aren't socially acceptable: It's cathartic.