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Sex offender chat

Sexual Offender Registry States and the Federal government have both established sex offender registries.

These are databases of information about convicted sex offenders.

Family Watchdog encourages you to use our site to help educate your family on possible dangers in areas that you frequently visit.

Also, please don't forget to sign up for our free notifications that help keep you updated with offenders that move in/out of your area.

They require persons convicted of sex crimes to list themselves on the registry, failing to do so is considered a sex offense.

The statutes establishing the registries also have compliance requirements about not living too close to schools and notifying officials when they move.

Society and policy makers have long struggled with finding effective ways to protect the public from sex offenders.

A sex offender is a person who's been convicted of certain sex crimes, such as sexual assault or sexual conduct with a minor.

A sex offender registry is a list of all convicted sex offenders in a state.

For instance, violations of the federal statutes involving sexual exploitation of children has a minimum sentence of 15 years.

Charges of first degree rape or sexual assault will be punished by 15 years to life imprisonment, depending on the state and the circumstances of the crime.

Again, failure to abide by the registry requirements is a sex offense.

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The offenses are found in Title 18 of the United States Code. section 2251 makes it illegal to knowingly print, publish, or cause to be made, "any notice or advertisement seeking or offering to receive, exchange, buy, produce, display, distribute, or reproduce any visual depiction involving the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

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