Sex dating in barber montana

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Sex dating in barber montana

That spot on the New York Times Bestseller list would be his, organically, and now… First, he’d need to figure out how to please her, because he was sure at this point that her beef with him was personal. The books that he’d written in the past didn’t have the same complaints as “Trapping A Trap God” did, and she reviewed them negatively just as well. Would his name on a book always warrant a low review from her?

But Mekhi had never been one to quit, especially when it was something he really wanted. I would rather Stone’s books be realistic, relatable, gritty, and good than…” Mekhi’s head shook. He wouldn’t dare say that the books were bad out loud.Lifting his hands in surrender, Mekhi pulled his laptop back to him and opened it. As Karin closed the door behind her, Mekhi opened his current work in progress.It comes as no surprise to anyone when their professional relationship turns personal, but will their love be able to stand when it wasn’t meant for each other to begin with? And the fourth and most important reason this book doesn’t even deserve the ONE count them ONE star I am giving it is because Stone’s main characters perpetuated everything that is wrong with the urban/street lit genre today! He’s been treating this girl like crap for 97% of the book, and he finally sees her worth after all the crap he’s put her through, and boom! Of course, Sha Vonda forgives him yet again and takes him back, even though he has two outside babies on the way. She had the ability to make or break a book’s success if she reviewed it.Andre was a womanizing manipulator who basically disrespected and dogged Sha Vonda out the entire novel, just for him to have a change of heart in the third to last chapter of the book. Stone made Sha Vonda weak and spineless in an attempt to make her a rider. While “Trapping A Trap God” was three months old, her negative review of it could potentially cause support of Stone’s next release to plummet. With over nineteen thousand followers on her blog, if even ten percent of them saw that review… Mekhi’s head began to spin at the sound of Karin’s signature knock. His arms crossed over his chest as Karin closed the door behind her and timidly stepped inside.

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If anyone gives any of our books a negative review, it should be you. To read books and give me an analysis on what’s good and what’s bad. “Yes, but I didn’t think it would be perceived as negative things.

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