Sex chat scripts

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Sex chat scripts

THEODORE (uncomfortable, trying to play along) Um, okay. THEODORE I've got it's tail and I'm choking you with the cat's tail. So I can rub myself into your crotch and wake you up with a hard on. (beat) And now my fingers are touching you all over your body. TEXT VOICE Email from Amy: Hey Theodore, Lewman's having a bunch of people over this weekend. Hold on everyone in the elevator, they're all murmuring inaudibly into their own devices. LOS ANGELES STREET - DUSK Slightly in the future, the city's been developed even more with massive office, apartment and mall complexes. The LA basin is more crowded and dense, resembling Shanghai, with buildings as far as the eye can see. Close on Theodore walking through the commuter crowd. TEXT VOICE Email from Best Buy: Check out all your favorite new -- THEODORE Delete. TEXT VOICE Sexy daytime star Kimberly Ashford reveals provocative pregnancy photos. THEODORE'S APARTMENT - EVENING Theodore sits on the sofa, his half eaten burrito in front of him.

It's a dead cat around your neck and I'm pulling it. This will help create an OS to best fit your needs. SOULFUL OLDER MALE VOICE We ask you a simple question. A chime brings his attention back to the screen: Installation Complete. We'd like to ask you a few basic questions before the operating system is initiated. THEODORE I haven't been social in awhile, really because... As he continues, he is moved by the memories he's describing. The office is almost empty except for him and the receptionist, PAUL. THEODORE (CONT'D) I can't believe it's already been 50 years since you married me. Theodore begins to scan each letter through a scanner on the front desk, then puts them in the outgoing mailbox.

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As he says "Loretta," we see "Loretta" being handwritten at the bottom of the letter. Also on the screen are photos of a couple in their 80s. We track off of Theodore, down a line of cubicles, hearing bits of letters being written and seeing photos of who they're being written to on the screens. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, especially mine. I hope you and your lovely new wife will come visit us in Florida. We continue tracking, revealing dozens and dozens of cubicles full of letter writers.