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There’s a saying in my family, and by that I mean, there’s a saying that my family absolutely neither invented nor claims to have, but my mom said it that one time and so it totally counts, and that is, “People plan, and God laughs.”We so rarely become the people we think we will, right?

Five years ago, I was a struggling actress, engaged to be married, and if you had told me then that five years in the future, I would be an elementary school teacher and single, I probably would have laugh-cried…

"Scarlet fever is becoming more antibiotic resistant and there is no vaccine.Otherwise, ghost away, even if just for efficiency’s sake. I would have loved to have ghosted on my ex, but the apartment lease was in my name. Scarlet fever is caused by streptococcal infection.The kind of person who tells you if something is unflattering, even if you’ve obviously already spent a lot of money on it and are currently wearing it in a very public place… I’m the potato who never replied to tell you how my day was going.The kind of person who, after a date that didn’t set off any sparks, just flat-out tells the guy that she isn’t feeling it, instead of refraining from answering texts and avoiding emails and gently fading into the abyss… Ghosting, in fact, sort of represents the larger ways in which I have failed to become that person I always aspired to be, and for that, I am actually wildly relieved.

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because somewhere deep down, I knew that’s where my relationship with both my job and my fiancé were invariably headed.