Sarah geronimo dating gerald anderson russian internet dating

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A fan also mentioned that the Pop Princess' parents are vacationing in Paris right now.

Maybe her parents knew about their date and maybe they approved Gerald to be their daughter's "guardian" while they are away, hehehe!

I want the feel of your hand in mine, even if both our palms get sweaty.

I want to feel your embrace and get lost in it forever.

As much as he wanted to keep it, due to his celebrity status, his relationships won’t be kept forever.

Here are the famous female stars and women who got romantically linked to the Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson. Farina Runkle Gerald’s first known relationship to reach the public spotlight was with Farina Runkle.

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Another fan denied that this lovely "couple" watched the concert.However, they never really got to be in an official relationship.After a year wooing the popstar, Gerald stopped and in an interview with ABS, the actor said that it was a mutual decision. Maja Salvador His relationship with this actress has made a lot of people baffled because Maja is known as Kim’s best friend.He may know just the right moves to make someone love him onscreen, but it seems he’s a charmer in real life, too.Gerald Anderson’s relationship is never a secret to the public.

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He and Kim started as a love team until they became a real couple.