Sam page dating sarah carter

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Sam page dating sarah carter

I owe a special debt of gratitude to my colleagues of the Research Department, and to Messrs. C.; the Frick Art Reference Library, New York City; the Archives of the State of Delaware; the Maryland Hall of Records; and the Winchester Chancery Court, Winchester, Virginia.Disclaimer: Record of an arrest is not an indication of guilt.The Polk County Sheriff’s Office does not provide case disposition. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office does not expressly or by implication warrant that the information or data accessed by the customer is accurate or correct.

There were four children born to the Burwells: Lewis, born 1710; Carter, born 1716; Elizabeth, born 1718; and Robert, born 1720.Built between 17 by Carter Burwell, the mansion house is especially noted for its superb interior woodwork and exterior brickwork. Antoinette Bausher, and Miss Anne Ruffin of Williamsburg; Mr. The first known owner of Carter's Grove was Robert Carter of Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia, who purchased a tract of land in James City County which he designated as "Merchant's Hundred plantation." The date at which Carter purchased land in James City County is not known nor is it known from whom he acquired the tract. It is a known fact that Nicholson was quite prejudiced in his estimate of Carter. Burwell" referred to by Robert Carter in the two letters quoted above was Nathaniel Burwell of Fairfield, Gloucester County, Virginia, who had married Elizabeth Carter, daughter of Carter, in 1709.Though the architectural charm of the house has long been recognized, the plantation has never received proper attention. Stephenson, for the first time, provides a detailed history of the estate and its owners from Robert Carter of Corotoman to its recent purchase by the Sealantic Fund, Inc. According to Bishop William Meade "King" Carter was called by that sobriquet "because he had princely possessions, numerous tenants and servants, a splendid place, and was consequently lordly, authoritative and arbitrary in his bearing and conduct, moving as a king in the Colony." Profitt during his Life & was as reputable a crop as any he shipd to You and sold as well & I doubt not will appear to be as good now I have seen some of it myself & deserves as good a Character as any I have seen among his plan. Burwell died in 1721 leaving his wife with four minor children. and my further will is that this estate in all times to come be called & to go by the name of Carter's Grove provided alwaies & it is my will and meaning that the number of slaves that are now upon the s'd plantation shall always be kept up & that the mortalitys shall be still supply'd out of the profits of this estate, and that the number of cattle and other stocks shall always be kept up for the use and manure of the s'd plantation to the same number they are at my decease, and that the s'd plantation be always kept in good repair and that the contingent charges of the s'd estate be borne out of the profits…Carter referred to Camp as "General overseer of Burwell's Affaires." He complimented Camp by writing him: "you have done well in sending Bills of Lading away for y…Rappahannock July 11, 1732Respecting the Merchts Hundred affair I cannot doubt you will own your self in an Error in not allowing the discounts on that tobo If you will pleas to look back into your Account Curr of the 25 of March 1728 under the Nominal title of Carter Burwell which I have already told you was a mistake and not According to my direction and which you have since set to rights you will find a ballance there due from you of 41.2.2 in yor acct of sales of 10 hhds in the Year 1730 You give the full discounts but now in your account of the 13 hhds…I am in hopes you will take care to have Credit given for the prompt payment to this Estate the profits where of I never intend to apply any part of it to my own benefit but to the Relief of M hogs, houses, and appurtenances "lying upon Merchant's hundred In James river." It seems quite clear from Carter's correspondence with his agents (1) that the plantation which he had purchased in James City County which he designated as "Merchant's hundred" was owned by him in fee simple during his lifetime, (2) that his daughter Elizabeth was to have the entire use and income therefrom during her lifetime, (3) that never was the plantation called by any other name but "Merchant's hundred" during his life and (4) that following his daughter's death Merchant's Hundred would come into entailed ownership (via bequest) to Carter Burwell, his grandson.

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Burwell indisposed with a cold and his lady ready to lie in... Burwell is a very pretty, good humored woman but seemed to be a little melancholy." The will of Nathaniel Burwell was written on August 21, 1721 and recorded October 25, 1721 in the General Court by the oaths of Thomas Hughes and John Holloway, witnesses.