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Ryan gosling gossip dating

Then Ryan walked in and changed her entire outlook.Eva once said in an interview that she didn’t have an “urge” to have children. Whether that's a reality for me or not, I don't know.But just a month later they didn't care who saw them and headed on a romantic trip to Paris, where they looked lovely dovey and in love.Actually, Eva was in Paris for work and Ryan tagged along.And let’s just say Eva was so elusive during her pregnancy that there are literally no photos of her during her pregnancy and in that one shot paparazzi snap captured she is conveniently covered up by a handbag and scarf.Eva and Ryan might be married or maybe not but the duo continue to be relationship goals.

It didn't help that they were co-stars in "To me, that stuff's funny. I don't want to just do it arbitrarily to say that I did." Well so far Ryan may still not be married but he’s open to it. For a long time, it didn’t look like Eva Mendes was on board with being a mother.If we go back to the origin of marriage, it was very unromantic. But Ryan is totally open to marriage, with the right person of course.For a long time, people thought Ryan would walk down the aisle with Rachel Mc Adams. Let’s pull a Twi-Hard then and wish it for Kat and Ryan. But as you know, two beautiful and single people in Hollywood are not allowed to be Just Friends.

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premiere party for Gosling's new film She almost didn't make it in as a bodyguard didn't recognize her.