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The music sounds fresher and can easily compete with music recorded 10 years later, fidelity wise. Among the material presented on his site are 8 unreleased tracks that the Forminx recorded for a never released movie called "Troubles".There is of course a downside to this type of mastering. Listening to the music is free of charge, but a user registration on this website is required.No doubt more material, beyond the listed links and the obvious search on "Vangelis" on this site will be of interest to us. Please feel free to e-mail links to anything you find to [email protected] of real interest will be presented in upcoming news updates on this site. Thanks to my anonymous source, as well as Robert Eichelsheim for their input and initial research.For some reason not all Polish web stores have this album in their selection.Currently the most popular web store to order the soundtrack CD as well as the movie on DVD (note that this version comes spoken in the Polish language, without subtitles) is called Cierpienie The packaging for this edition of the CD is quite special.

Remastered CDs traditionally aim to improve on subtle problems in sound quality by going back to the original analog masters and redoing the transfer to digital with state of the art technology and more experienced insights, applying mastering tricks (equalizing, dynamics processing, etc.) more suitable for the modern media. Log in on Gold and search for: While 8 Forminx files were mentioned here last year, there seems to be a ninth track that lacked a proper credit. Before being able to log in, one has to register with a valid email address.It's one of the first to offer the CD and it has a handy buyers guide in English that explains how to use the site when you can't read Polish. It's in fact a small hardcover book with 30 pages, after which the CD is safely stored in plastic attached to the back cover.See the options near the right bottom of the screen for this. The booklet contains pictures from the film, an interview with Jansson, a bio and picture of Vangelis, etc...The second reason to check again is the fact that it now offers a service where the purchased clips can be ordered (legally! According to their website, they burn a DVD-R that can be played on any DVD player.Whether the quality will be better than online viewing remains to be seen, but no doubt many of us will prefer a version on DVD in either case, if only for convenience or for longevity, in case one day's web policies change.

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Another side effect of these changes is that the pumped up high tones can sometimes sound a bit overdone, or from time to time even a bit metalic, although never as much as one might imagine reading this. hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=el&tl=en&u= When registering, the fields are as follows: Email, name, surname, age, occupation, user name, password, the password again (for verification), then type the 5 characters you find in the image.

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