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Roman polanskis daycare dating service

I have to assume that the bloggers who have leapt upon this as some kind of secret revelation are simply unfamiliar with my writing.However, I will also note that at the time I wrote the blog item, I had no idea that the Polish government would or could lobby for Polanski's release, as I am in Budapest and my husband is in Africa.Anyway, he paid off the victim a few years ago so she's come out of it just fine. I have quoted from "this exchange from that testimony, which was made public in 2003 and published by the Smoking Gun: "Then he lifted up my legs and went in through my anus." "What do you mean by that?

SO Anne , please carry on with your "Anti Russian , Anti Putin" campaign , no matter how ridiculous it is . But lay off the "save the Holocaust survivor rapist " campaign , i don't think any sane minded person will support you . The post by the person who talked about your daughter was disgusting.

But to them, and to all who imagine that the original incident at the heart of this story was a straightforward and simple criminal case, I recommend reading the transcript of the victim's testimony (here in two parts) -- including her descriptions of the telephone conversation she had with her mother from Polanski's house, asking permission to be photographed in Jack Nicholson's jacuzzi -- and not just the salacious bits. The facts that you don't seem to understand are that 1) Polanski committed and pled guilty to a crime, 2) he fled punishment, 3) there has been a warrant out for his arrest, 4) he was apprehended under the warrant.

I suppose you can rely on "nuance" all you want as reasoning for his release, but you can't blame people for finding your reasoning faulty.

Here is the second, from a blogger: Well, well, it turns out that the person who wrote that works for the Los Angeles County district attorney, as he points out in an "update." Does that matter? One likes to assume that people who bother to write about a wide variety of things are sophisticated, that their views derive from many sources, and that they are not simply a mouthpiece for their organizations or their spouses.

For the record, I will note that I mentioned my husband's job in a column as recently as last week, and that when he first entered the Polish government three years ago I wrote a column about that too.

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But it was no less disgusting than the fact that you have read the testimony of the victim and continue to defend Polanski's vaginal and anal rape of a 13-year-old girl. Gee, I guess sorry really is the hardest word to say! The man plead guilty; the man admitted to a court of law that he is a PEDOFILE!!!

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