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Role playing chatbot

This actually helps customer service and makes it better!A simple Chatbot can be used relatively easily in first-level-support to answer simple questions.One of the more fun assertions you hear tossed around nowadays is “Chatbots will kill apps, websites, and basically everything else, too” — except, it seems, email.Having been in the marketing business for a couple of decades now, I read and listen to these convictions with a compassionate smile.

I always read statistics telling me that people don’t want to work with Chatbots. The reason for this commonly held belief is that 90% of Germans don’t know what a Chatbot is.

Magazines and blogs won’t lose to bots anytime soon when it comes to lifestyle and status categories, and newspapers will still be a valuable and frequently used source of news.

Email will still be used (too much) to convey formal pieces of information and communication.

Are Chatbots for customer care a successful solution?

What kind of customer service Chatbot can you offer over Whats App and Facebook Messenger?

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Chatbots aren’t going to put together cars on a conveyor belt, but they will support and automate communication with customers.