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is another popular app amongst foreigners in Korea.It works much like any other online dating site/app, but users are required to answer a series of questions when they sign up.The personal information provided is inputted into the app’s algorithm to find your best match., you can find friends or partners to have a language exchange with, tour around Korea, talk about K-Pop and K-Dramas, chat in cute cafes, watch movies, and much more.The app is marketed as a way to meet friends, but people often go on it to find romantic partners as well.Keep in mind, there is surveillance for inappropriate behavior on the app., you match and chat with new people, find people you like nearby and video chat with them.

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They check each photo and regularly verify profiles to ensure they are appropriate.

Once you are a verified user, you can start meeting your potential partner.

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You can set preferences on who you want to match with based on age, gender, and language.

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