Radgrid pagesize not updating

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Radgrid pagesize not updating

What this tells us is the time taken is due to the fact that its going and getting all the table records no matter whatever is the situation we have.Now hitting DB and getting everything does call for some time although small but it till takes up time on the server.In order to work with Entity Data Source, you need a Entity Data Model.I will not get into how to create a Entity Data Model but assume that you know how to do it. NET Entity Data Model and generate the models from the database and use the same Northwind database. NET Entity Data Model created, create a Entity Data Source on the page.

Here is the code snippet for grid and SQL data source control: Analyzing the queries: Now, before you run the application, lets get ready to trace the SQL queries that get executed. Start the express profiler – Set the server details, select the authentication mechanism and finally select the events you want to trace.

Second was to use entity data source instead of SQL data source and look at the query executed at the DB. If not, you can always download from our products page –

For my experiments I am using Northwind Database and in particular Order Details table. So this makes a good candidate to mimic a scenario where you are paging the Rad Grid lets say 10 records per page. You will need that if you want to follow along with this post.

Here is the screen shot: Fig 2: Express Profiler Settings Run the web application.

Notice that if we just set Allow Paging=true on Rad Grid and do not provide a page size, by default Rad Grid puts 10 as the Page Size.

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Now lets see what happens when we do a paging: Fig 8: Entity Data Source – Paging – Query Trace Now, lets trace the query when we do ‘’Add new record” scenario: Fig 9: Entity Data Source – Add New Record – Query Trace Notice that, in this scenario, we automatically page to the last row and add a blank record.

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