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Until recently, most dating methods made use of nuclear decay.

In geology, radioisotope techniques have been used for over 100 years, but radiocarbon dating for archaeological time-scales began as a result of scientific advances made in the Manhattan project, during world war two.

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Dating archaeological finds still routinely relies on typology and stratigraphy – what an artefact looks like and the context in which it was found.

‘Two neighbouring hydroxyl groups react to eliminate a water molecule and leave one bridging oxygen.’ On cooling, the reverse process occurs and water becomes chemically associated with the clay minerals.

‘My own view is essentially it’s the beginning of the rock weathering process.

Hall says the key to their dating ‘clock’ was the discovery that the expansion occurs with defined kinetics.

One researcher trying to do this is Moira Wilson, a physicist who has spent her career in construction science at the University of Manchester in the UK.

Her method is based on their reversible rehydroxylation of fired clay ceramics over time, known as RHX dating.

‘The idea came about by accident,’ explains Wilson, when researchers in Manchester found they could use heat to shrink samples of brick of all ages, from modern to Roman.

They found a relationship between the brick’s age and the amount of shrinkage; older bricks showing more shrinkage.

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Successful dating methods need a ‘clock’, a measurable property that varies from a fixed point in time.