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Pony play dating

The trading cards were popular particularly with the older brony fandom creating high aftermarket value, Enterplay also published additional material for the card game, such as binders and playmats. Gamer rated the game four out of five stars, calling the game an "enjoyable and solid two-player game" with good flexibility and accessible for players of all ages, with their primary criticism about the poor instruction booklet included with the game.

Resources can modify the power and abilities of a given Friend card.

Players set up the game by placing their Mane character in their Start state, drawing and placing a Problem card from that pile, and dealing themselves their hand from the remaining deck.

On each turn, players earn a number of action tokens (at least 2) based on their current score.

Each Mane and Friend card are associated with one of six colors, representing the show's six main characters – Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy – and their respective Elements of Harmony, and a numerical power value.

Friends, Resources, Events, and Troublemakers have various power costs associated to play or face those cards, a combination of action tokens (earned during play) and colored power required (based on what cards the player has in play already).

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The game has generally been well-received, providing an easy-to-learn experience for both the younger demographic of the show as well as the older players including the adult and male fans of the series.

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