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You can sign up here - Ky EBRKEe Rc GZ6xoxo Giulia Hello lovelies! But honestly I don’t have the answer to this problem yet.I just no longer wanted to hide this from you and avoid going online. I even reached 1 Million views on here and I haven’t even shared this great news with you yet. I know many of you battle depression and anxitey too, I read it on countless submissions. Whether you have a tumblr account or not, feel free to submit, I will publish your pen pal ad for you!✎ Submit here Ask & FAQ I would love to help you to make friends all around the world!anyway, i guess you’ll find out more if u bang my line!or, rlly, just my tumblr lol @shhhantoi have other social media accounts so feel free to ask! I’ve sadly never been able to make a friend that lasts through this so I’m hoping to do so now!a lot of pen pals have come and gone, but id really love to have a pen pal that’ll stay around for a long ideal pen pal would be between the ages of 15-19 and could be from anywhere.

But anyway like I said I’m vanessa and I’m a 17 year old senior from Pennsylvania, USA.) my go-to genre is prolly any kind of rock though!i like reading tarot and learning about new things, and overall i like the idea of a stranger since hearing about how different people’s lives are is so cool man. im not a super complex person myself (prolly why im so lame) but i just want someone calm cool and collected to talk to, not someone who’s super closed off!But again, thank you so so much for all your support. I hope all of you get the help you need ☀️ even though I’m not exactly in the best condition right now but I will try and answer dm’s if somebody wants to talk My names ed, i’m 16 and i’m from London. i’m just looking for new friends to whom i can consistently talk to and not just flake after a week. I speak fluent Spanish so I listen to music in Spanish too. I’m looking for someone 14-17 that I can talk to anything about and is gonna stick around.I’m not sure what else to say about myself but you can ask me anything:-snap: popdude975-insta: @edd__n-tumblr: dipdipdadip Hey, my name is Angie. I’m from New York City, USA so I grew up in the city. I love Riverdale, pretty little liars, gossip girl, Jane the virgin, shameless and literally so many more shows. I’m an accepting person so no racists, sexists, or homophobes, and I’m open to all religions.

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my email is : [email protected] name is lexi! i enjoy painting, planning, writing, and just getting my thoughts out into the world. im a big believer of speading love and positivity, no matter how cold the world may seem.