Of a dating relationship

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Of a dating relationship

Relationships based on virtue are built on an attraction to the others' virtuous character.

The 1960s was also a time when there was a shift in methodology within the psychological discipline itself.Terri Orbuch and Joseph Veroff (2002) monitored newlywed couples using self-reports over a long period (a longitudinal study).Participants are required to provide extensive reports about the natures and the statuses of their relationships.The philosophical analysis used by Aristotle dominated the analysis of intimate relationships until the late 1880s.Modern psychology and sociology began to emerge in the late 19th century.

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However, this degradation can be softened (according to their 120 heterosexual couple Chicago sample) by undertaking a reappraisal writing task every four months. The study reports three distinct findings showing how unhealthy habits are promoted in long-term intimate relationships: through the direct bad influence of one partner, through synchronicity of health habits, and through the notion of personal responsibility.

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