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Wether it was someone masturbating or playing an instrument, people log on and are free to act out any kind of behaviour.The argument followed that that this ability would be an ultimate achievement for online interactivity, social interaction at its finest.

Chatroulette is a website where you can anonymously meet people of virtually any age from around the world to chat with.The option of clicking “next” and instantly switching over to another chat, meant that a user could take on the control of exposure and level of interactivity.The common obligations of having to give away personal information for registration on social networking sites, does not exist, neither could one report activities as well as there never having been a dress code to abide by.The dress code is not the only change seen on the site, they have also set up a “report” tab in the case of someone behaving in a manner considered inappropriate.These alterations seemingly minor, encompass a significant meaning that was projected by Chatroulette; anonymity.

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The phenomenon, known as Chatroulette, was bizarre, often sexually explicit, and always fascinating. I gave an interview to The New York Times, and I wrote back to Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, who invited me to come to New York. I don't know how much money they would have given me if I'd said yes.