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Nfs not updating ctime

NFS shows one directory with a different FSID, but the local VFS has two: the mountpoint directory (fabricated) and the root of the filesystem mounted upon it.

Furthermore, what nfs_getattr() does can be controlled as follows: (1) If AT_STATX_DONT_SYNC is indicated then this will suppress the flushing of outstanding writes and the rereading of the inode's attributes with the server as detailed below.

Hey All, I want to get the access time of files in a directory.

(b) The inode's attributes will be reread from the server: (i) if AT_STATX_FORCE_SYNC is indicated; (ii) if atime is requested (and atime updating is not suppressed by a mount flag); or (iii) if the cached attributes have expired; If the inode isn't synchronised, then the cached attributes will be used - even if expired - without reference to the server.

This includes the following: (1) The change attribute as st_version if NFSv4.

(2) STATX_INFO_AUTOMOUNT and STATX_INFO_FABRICATED are set on referral or submount directories that are automounted upon.

If the times have changed, then we go ahead and forcibly increment the counter, under the assumption that we'll be going to the storage anyway, and the increment itself is relatively cheap. That option is not only about atime handling but rather about all inode time stamps.

So you rather need something like: if (flags & (S_ATIME | S_CTIME | S_MTIME) && !

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-noatime ignores them unless the file is also modified.

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