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And, smaller pools often lead to terrible decisions. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, didn't help much with the problem either, except offer a virtual pool of people that now largely consist of friends, family and acquaintances.And apart from guessing from their relationship status, which is hidden from most users, you can barely tell if a friend of a friend is open to meeting new people.Couples that meet through dating apps and get married are part of an urban Indian phenomenon.

Homegrown apps such as Truly Madly and Woo, for instance, have a clear agenda of helping people find love and committed relationships.

"Except for a group of girls that I hung out with once, I have never really met a new person through Facebook," says Sakshi, who sporadically uses Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.

Facebook says it will soon launch a dating interface of its own. Dating apps, Sakshi says, have made it much more comfortable to remain single in the 30s.

My brother, my best friend, is going to ditch me on a drinking night. "The options were limited to school, university and workplace," says Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer of Ok Cupid, which has over a million users in India.

At least it helped reduce the pressure of finding people in our immediate physical surroundings.

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