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' Having a website to do preliminary screening is definitely helpful.Why would a native sabra look for his other half on an Aliyah dating site?“When people see Israel as their home and plan to make Aliyah, it shows character.” Moshe doesn't take Israel for granted and knows that Olim don't either.“For many young people who are dating, the Israel question is a major issue that comes up,” reports Marc Rosenberg, Director of Pre-Aliyah Services at Nefesh B' Nefesh.“They don't want to get too involved with someone who they find good looking, smart and funny but has never been to Israel and would never want to move there.Because dad is so consumed with controlling everyone, he also is not present for his children.The behavioral responses of children who witness domestic violence may include acting out, withdrawal, or anxiousness to please.


More and more seniors are not simply adapting to new technologies out of necessity but gravitating towards them for entertainment, socializing and yes--dating!