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LEGOLAND, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World are popular attractions in the area for families.

People who are Deaf or hard of hearing have a disability and must be given an equal opportunity to participate in programs and services at places of public accommodation, such as movie theatres, museums, and sporting arenas.

Would you end up begging the assessor to shave off a percentile point, or a tenth, off your kid's score so they fit in? Not a big deal, particularly for WPPSI which is unreliable and can be prepped/gamed. DC has the most master's degree per capita of any state.

Many of these highly educated people are concentrated in upper NW, are graduates from top schools and have gifted children. I get that DC probably concentrates smart people and their offspring, but are there tons of students in DC privates with WPPSI or WISC scores in the 99th percentile? ) and it made no difference in being admitted to our top choice, where they take hardly any unconnected kids.

After many couples have their first child, they transform into homebodies and are too nervous to travel with their new miniature-sized addition to the family.

This can be a seriously rough transition for young men and women who have a passion for travel and adventure.

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Are there any gifted programs in DC privates, DCPS, or Charter schools? Are some of the privates more welcoming than others for the highly gifted, more amenable to grade skipping?

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