Mike sheire dating girls

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Mike sheire dating girls

a piece of Italian beef pan fried in its own juices. Goodbye, never see you again."—Snookibush queen (n.)—one who spends her time in shrubbery. After the ladies of the house start a prank war with water balloons, the tricks escalate to the Situation sending Deena and Snooki on an unintentional trip to New York.

With Ronnie and Sammi's help one rare sober night, Snooki settles on a retaliatory cheesy spread.

Example: “Being called Angelina is like one of the worst things you could ever be called.”—Pauly Datomic bomb (n.)—the ugliest and biggest of ugly, big women in the grenade caste system, essentially a grenade to the fifth power (also known as the A bomb). It goes like grenade, grenade launcher, and then submarine. And then after the tank, it's the A bomb."—the Situationbaba (n.)—1. the name of the professional who cuts, styles, or dyes hair when pronounced with a stereotypical guido accent. She's a female backpack."—Deena on Sammibanana (n.)—an oversize, stuffed variation of a yellow fruit—favored by monkeys and gorillas—that indicates one does not want to participate in Sunday dinner (see also, Sunday dinner).

The Jersey Shore cast's tradition is disrupted when Ronnie and Sammi miss one of the meals in favor of a trip to boardwalk, where Ronnie wins Sammi a particularly sweet stuffed prize.

Example: "He should have answered me and not did the click on me, too!

Even so, she excelled academically and managed to skip a grade in Saegertown High in Pennsylvania before finally transferred to Edinboro University in Pennsylvania at merely 15.Like how are you going to sit there with the crumbs on your lip and be like, ' I didn't eat the cookie.'"—Ronniedenim (n.)—1.Deena's wardrobe material of choice, which Pauly D believes is "not even in anymore" 2.Though the term typically refers to when exes and friends (who do not yet have children of drinking age) call each other at 2 a.m.while drunk, Ronnie's mom, whose name is Connie, defies the norm. Example: "I call my vibrator the Elmo because, ' Tickle Me Elmo,' you know what I mean? a hairstyle that works best on those with cropped coiffures in which the strands are gathered into the center with gel in a lower version of a mohawk. Deena's "best thing" (see also, guy shopping).

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Example: "You don't come in here on Sunday with a big banana and expect everything to be peaches."— Pauly D blast in a glass (n.)—1.

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