Matthew mcconaughey dating

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Matthew mcconaughey dating

What a sad life to live and it shows just how emotionally fragile some big movie stars are.[QUOTE] It's all hype, like back when Brandon Routh was Superman and there were stories about how the costumers could barely hide his enormous bulge.

There used to be more shots of Routh on the motion capture stage in this outfit that clearly showed he was just like everybody else."The director chose not to do it."Well, la-de-fucking-da! Meanwhile, I imagine he'll be sporting the latest in big and tasteful prosthetics.

Even if the show continued it would have been a different plot and likely with different actors = miniseries.It will definitely take attention away from his little t-rex arms. After he lost all the weight for Dallas Buyers Club, his face never looked the same.I've noticed similar facial changes for actors who either gain or lose a lot of weight for a part and then get back to their normal weight.Cranston won because it was his show's final season and they submitted on of the best episodes they ever made.Tbh if I was a voter I would be tempted to punish category fraud. Simmons on His Post-Oscar Popularity and Why He's So Selective About Ads You know his face. He's a veteran character actor whose resume includes TV appearances on Oz, Law & Order and The Closer, along with movies such as Spider-Man, Juno and the upcoming big-budget superhero flick Justice League.

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Mc Conaughey had a full-frontal moment by accident during shooting of Magic Mike.

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