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The latest photos come just a day after she was spotted enjoying her day at a Miami beach sporting a white bikini.Malia was seen having a fun time with her girl friends while her British boyfriend Rory Farquharson – who she was spotted out on a date with around this time in 2018 – was not present with her.If this makes it past the hookup phase to the dinner-with-the-parents stage, I trust that America's Mom and Dad have it handled.Like many celebrities and famous people, Malia keeps her love life private.Malia, daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, sunbathed in a black swimsuit with three friends at an exclusive five-star hotel.Malia took a break from her usual routine for the Presidents Day weekend.

They were seen together in August showing off some major PDA during a trip to London.

When Malia was doing her internship during her gap year, I wrote that while I was irrationally obsessed with her every move, I hoped that she could go to college and live a normal life (the post linked here was written before we knew what we now know about Harvey Weinstein) full of keg parties and makeouts at Harvard-Yale football games.

This is what I wanted for her but these photos of Malia and her college crush make me worry. It's because she's dating a kid who seems like he's a Grade A douchebag.

In 2017, Malia sparked controversy after a video surfaced showing the young girl blowing smoke rings.

At the time, Ivanka Trump came to the defense of Malia on Twitter saying: "Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school-aged peers.

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This guy once described himself as “an overconfident public school boy” and his cousin says he'd be all about the fame that will inevitably come with dating an Obama. When Lainey and I were emailing about this, she made it clear she also doesn't approve of Rory Farquharson and hopes this is just a college hookup for Malia, not the man she plans to marry. Maybe I’m a little biased against guys who play rugby but homeboy was the WORST.

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