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Lydia chatbot

You can create a chatbot in Flow XO that will direct your customers to the type of product support they need. This will take you to Facebook Messenger where you can try your new chatbot.First, you’ll need to create a bot and add it to Facebook Messenger. Later, you’ll create a flow that tells your bot how to respond to user input. At this point, you’ll see a greeting, and nothing else. In Flow XO, a flow is a message or action that your chatbot responds to.To tell your chatbot to check the answer to your question, the next step is to add a Value.In the filter window, the Value is where you tell your chatbot where to look and what to look for.This second response should correspond to the second choice, “billing”. You can also put your flow on multiple platforms to answer user questions wherever they look for you. We have full documentation for all the features in Flow XO over at our Help Center, or get help & advice from other Flow XO users on the Community Site.

Next, set up a Filter to tell your bot which choice will activate the response.Your flow will begin when the user’s input matches the trigger.For example, a user could type, “I have a question about my bill”.With filters, your chatbot can account for changeable information. For instance, you might want to make a chatbot that helps users plan a trip.Your chatbot needs to gather information about where and how the user wants to travel.

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In this case, we want “tech support” to activate the response, “I can help you with your tech support question!