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A lot of them earn more then a average guy in hongkong hence for them finding a right partner becomes more difficult.Everything said and done, I think a lot of them are pretty friendly too. That's the general belief but not true with every girl. When it comes to dating, hongkong girls overwhelmingly prefer dating their own kind. Now again exception are always there and some Hong Kong girls do date non white foreigners.One of the reason why westerners are preferred over other races is the financial security.They consider whites to be richer then say locals or other races.But if you are African, Indian or middle eastern and are rich, you might have a good chance.In Hong Kong, the gender ratio has become increasingly skewed, according to government data, with 921 males for every 1,000 females, compared to 971 to 1,000 a decade ago.(Ten years before that, there were more men than women in the city.)“I’ve never known what it’s really like to be in a serious relationship,” Mary says.

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It’s tough to find love in a city like Hong Kong, where the fast-paced grind endemic to any global metropolis is coupled with the culturally specific demands of parents pushing early marriage and a relatively conservative dating culture.

The frustrations of finding the perfect partner—and the pressure from parents to find one quick—have led many to seek speed dating and matchmaking services, where one session can cost up to 0. Wendy So, 23, spent hundreds of dollars on speed dating events in search of a serious relationship.

are probably the ones that we find most obscure and interesting (and quite often unnerving). And if you happen to meet people that you don’t dislike – trust me it’s hard, no pun intended – possible hook-ups might follow (but I was never there to get free dinner, never).

With apps like Tinder, Bumble and Her playing modern day Cupid for people of all sexualities, it’s hard not to succumb to swipe culture – because what’s there to lose? Since basically two-third of my friends are dedicated Tinder/Grindr users, I never thought of dating apps as some sort of promiscuous tool like some might’ve suggested.

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They can be mixed bag, either hit or a miss like everywhere.