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Liquidating business promotion

This is fairly a recent on-pack idea, whereby a product carries a premium coupon entitling the customer to a discount at named store.

This is liked by the store because the discount can lead to other purchases.

They may be printed in press advertisements, delivered door-to-door, or printed on packs as money off for the next purchase.

This is a popular co-operation scheme whereby an on-pack coupon or token enables the customer to buy another product (not necessarily made by the same manufacturer) at a reduced price.

The economy and attractiveness of packing are two important areas which the sales promotion department should always keep in mind.

The sales promotion department takes all necessary steps to ensure that a better relationship exists between the sales department and the customers/dealers.

The manufacturer may buy the soap box in very large quantities at an attractive rate and then may make an attractive offer to the consumers to stimulate sales.

A manufacturer offers to send an item free of cost, if a product is purchased (e.g., sending a pen free by mail for those who buy some stationery items).

All these sales promotion schemes work on the principle that few people can resist a free gift, price reduction or special offer.Become a Bachelor and Master of Business Administration (BBA & MBA) with Business Study Notes.BSN is all about free business notes and exams studies online.It signifies that a number of items are packed together or the container is extra large, and they are offered at a special price.It is an economical way of, both packing and buying such items, and ensures that the customer is well stocked with the products and may thus become a habit buyer.

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On the other hand, schemes widen consumer choice and encourage the consumers to make an experimental first-time purchase.

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