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However, Haftar, with financial and political support from certain countries, including some Gulf states, has appeared as an influential actor in the war-torn country.

Since the election of President Donald Trump, literature has noted a decline in U. To the onlooker, these divergent approaches and messages come across as contradictory. and Libya have a long and complicated history, especially dating back to Muammar Gaddafi’s leadership. This initiative serves an important purpose of trying to promote more positive images of the U. However, based on the numbers of participants active in the group it still has a way to go in terms of making any real impact.

There are also sex workers from other sub-Saharan African countries such as Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Desperate to flee the poverty of their countries, they have often been trafficked to Libya with the promise of a job in Italy.

A war plane belonging to the eastern Libyan forces on Friday attacked a military camp of a force allied to the internationally recognized government near the western town of Zuwara, an eastern military source and residents said.

The WHO has delivered trauma kits and medicines to hospitals, he said, adding: "These supplies will last for two weeks, the acute phase." So far 6,000 have fled the fighting but WHO has contingency plans in case "thousands if not hundreds of thousands" are displaced in the acute phase of fighting.

As well as the toll on civilians, the renewed conflict threatens to disrupt oil supplies, increase migration across the Mediterranean to Europe, derail a U. peace plan and encourage militants to exploit the chaos.

Libya is a main transit point for migrants who have poured into Europe in recent years, mostly trafficked by smuggling gangs.

Instability and lack of government oversight continued to allow for human trafficking crimes to persist and become highly profitable for traffickers.

As reported by international organisations in 2016, trafficking victims—including men, women, and children—are highly vulnerable to extreme violence and other human rights violations in Libya by government officials.

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Khalifa Haftar who has been controlling the country's east.

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