Liberal dating a conservative

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Liberal dating a conservative

I struggle with my own cognitive dissonance on the issue: I believe in upholding due process rights to preserve the integrity of the criminal justice system.

But I am also a survivor who never sought out the help of that system because I know that sexual assault survivors can be treated poorly and that criminal cases with a high burden of proof often fail to bring justice for the victim.

And I, the “Lone Conservative” at an all-women’s college, had the upper hand because I did not get too emotionally invested in debates.…Tom was getting frustrated, and couldn’t believe how I could be so against abortion…and I was having fun.…I felt like I was back on my college campus where I was so quickly vilified that I’d often take harder-line conservative positions simply for the amusement…So “Tom” wasn’t finding respect for Dillon’s opinions, and Dillon wasn’t listening, she was arguing for sport.

No wonder they weren’t able to bridge their differences. It requires willingness not only to admit when you (and people you admire) are wrong, but to admit that you be wrong about other things: a trait based in deep humility that, for many, goes against basic self-preservation.

Tyler is certainly not someone who condones sexual violence.

I countered with, “Well, if my assailant was a candidate for the Supreme Court 30 years from now, that would probably be when I came forward too!

”, “Plenty of people would question whether I was actually assaulted,” “Age doesn’t matter, scars on young people who are assaulted last forever,” and finally “I can’t talk about this anymore.”I know that Tyler and I still disagree.

We battled on Facebook, eventually opting to spare our Facebook friends by continuing our political conversations in private. Both of us support marriage equality and strong families. We don’t focus on “owning” the other person (most of the time, at least!

We started dating about a year after Carly Fiorina got us talking (thanks, Carly! He’s pro-border wall, I think it’s a waste of money. ), but instead try to educate them with a perspective that they might not have considered. Tyler will openly admit that he’s become much more culturally sensitive since dating a first-generation Indian immigrant.

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We met as young law students and connected on Facebook.

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