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For now, executives and producers of the genre are suddenly Hollywood’s “It kids,” who, according to Ben Silverman, executive producer of an unscripted drama set in Lower Manhattan, are “getting haircuts, wearing Prada, and going to the Four Seasons for drinks.” The two Mikes and a swarm of other reality producers and network executives have revolutionized television by laying off conventional sitcom, drama, and newsmagazine writers, directors, and producers and turning the tube over to the great unwatched horde of ordinary people, who will, it seems, do absolutely anything to get on television, and who usually deliver the goods once the cameras are on them.

In their case, who would believe that a former sportswriter and a child actor could reshape mainstream television?

Second, it enlists boondockers and bumpkins and thrusts them into totally unfamiliar settings, where they are forced to compete against one another for, in the case of the hand of a hunk or a honey.

In the case of Mike and Mike, the competition is strictly for ratings.

He sits in an editing bay at his company, Next Entertainment, overseeing a rough cut of his ABC series (in which 25 young women compete for the hand of a desirable male—most recently a scion of the Firestone tire dynasty) and asking for better body shots. ” Then, after being shown footage of the tipsy bachelorette retching behind a bathroom door, he says, “I would loop a couple of those barf sounds. ”Fleiss’s gonzo reality-TV shows, such as Reality TV is taking over, with two dozen major network shows this summer—twice as many as last summer—dominating the prime-time lineup.

Whether reality tanks or triumphs from overexposure remains to be seen.

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