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Contraceptive use is relatively low among adolescents in Kenya.Although 96% of all adolescent females have heard of at least one modern method, only 41% of sexually active 15–19-year-olds are currently using any contraceptive method, and 37% are using a modern one.So if a girl carries a condom it makes her come across as immoral, or worse, a cheater.Interviews were carried out by young Kenyans themselves, who were trained in research-gathering techniques to encourage their peers to talk openly.When one of the researchers told a male doctor she was 17 and just about to finish school, he asked for her phone number and her Facebook account name.They also found older women at clinics offered unsolicited and, at times, inaccurate advice on different types of contraception, and information pamphlets were hard to find or never restocked.

“How can we encourage our audience to visit a clinic if we know we are sending them into an unpredictable, precarious environment?The report, published this month, shines new light on the way young people in Kenya see themselves and the sexual activities they are engaging in.“There’s a lot of secrecy in Kenya around sex and relationships,” says Bridget Deacon, programming director of Well Told Story, who produced the research.One in five girls get pregnant before they reach 20, with serious consequences for their educational, economic and personal growth.“We need organizations to come together and look at this problem with a 360-degree approach,” says Deacon.

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Respondents described the different kinds of lovers they encounter using Sheng, a Kenyan street language made up of Swahili and English.