Jordan hinson dating

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Jordan hinson dating

I am in home-schooling and listen to music a lot to further my understanding of music.

Yvonne was the pretty one and had a voice that was beautiful and soothing yet would have such power at the same time when singing those typical powerhouse Hinson songs and big endings.” Weston is a little partial when it comes to discussing his Dad.After trying out a few singers for the third part of the trio, they couldn’t find the right fit and at the end of 2011, they traveled just as Weston and Christy Hinson.However, their third singer was closer than they might have imagined.” Weston adds with pride, “Her voice has added a country/bluegrass flavor to our music that is a treat for a lot of people.Jordy has quite the range too, because she has to sing parts in the Hinsons songs that we perform that range anywhere from baritone to tenor to even soprano whenever Christy leads in some of our original materials.

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He did everything so effortlessly and with such poise and precision.