Ismali dating Free peeks from live webcam shows

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Ismali dating

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I say that because I’ve seen it at play with my parents and my friends parents.

Also, I don't know how into the history your GF is, but the last couple spiritual leaders really hammered down the Ismaili/Hindu connection, even going so far as to invoke Vishnu in Ismaili beliefs. Plus, you'll have this community if you have any other questions. Thank you for the help :)She is aware of the history and ideal scenario would be to raise them agnostic while participating in all festivals and aware of the knowledge passed on by each religion.

What you're suggesting will only highlight that, but will also make obvious the contradictory and incompatible views on reality.

Growing up in Canada will only exacerbate that by introducing so many other contrasting views.

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The most major component in this however, is understanding and openness and respect from both sides. isn't it more likely they will end up just ismaili? If they turn out exclusively ismaili then I am unhappy... On the other hand, I have cousins whose parents are much more "controlling" and "opinionated" about these things to the point where the kids will only be willing to marry an Ismaili.

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