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Intimidating eye

• Females look more at those they are talking to than do males.

That’s one of the reasons women prefer a face-to-face conversation, while men are content to talk standing side-by-side.

In more intense or intimate conversations we naturally look at each another more often and hold that gaze for longer periods of time.

In fact, we judge relationships by the amount of eye contact exchanged: the greater the eye contact, the closer the relationship.

(Which was how Goldilocks felt when the bears caught her eating their porridge).but I’ve heard that said about LOTS of things I’ve gone on to learn or teach, and I’d be surprised if this is any different.I’ve never tried to teach this before because I didn’t really know to teach it...• The biggest body language myth about liars is that they avoid eye contact.While some liars (most often, children) find it difficult to lie while looking directly at you, many liars, especial the most brazen, actually overcompensate to "prove" that they are not lying by making too much eye contact and holding it too long.

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So unless you have in mind doing one of those things, it’s better to avoid too much eye contact.

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