Indian girl dating black guy nia long is dating

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Indian girl dating black guy

It saddens me to see there are still people out there who can be so narrow-minded, so judgmental about the highly personal romantic decisions of others. It's a struggle for anyone who doesn't know how much of their parents' culture they should fuse with the culture in which they were brought up.At the end of the day, each and every one of us is conditioned to think, act and feel a certain way because of the respective ways in which we were raised. What would an aspiring writer and an aspiring cardiologist talk about over coffee, anyway? It was my fault; I asked him what he wanted to do with his life. I wanted to talk about my favorite piece of prose from "Pride and Prejudice" and about why I feel sad sometimes and don't know why.A clearly very smart guy, he looked at me with blank stares after he asked me about my interests. But whenever I started on any of my favorite things, he would tune out.In the Indian-American households I've both grown up in and dropped in on, those expectations often were, "My one cousin just graduated from Columbia Law School. D at Columbia in International Affairs and another who's finishing up his residency in Internal Medicine.None of these instances are accidents or coincidences; they are the result of long, drawn-out conversations about what's worth pursuing and what isn't."What about dentistry? I was 16 and we were throwing around potential career ideas for me. You could try it out and see if it's for you."I briefly considered her suggestion, but knew it wasn't my style.I know what it is like since I am an Oriental guy but I have a strong preference for white girls. Maybe growing up in the UK they just took a liking to white guys?I know what it is like since I am an Oriental guy but I have a strong preference for white girls. To be honest, my experience with white girls has been ok.

Bernard* was tall and had cream-colored skin, with sea-green eyes and dirty blond hair (he was WAY out of frizzy-haired Sheena's league).Bernard and I never got together, but he ended up setting a precedent for many of the guys I found myself attracted to as I got older."I wanna join NASA," he once told me while we jammed to music in his garage.You can't make a judgement for ALL Indian girls based on a few examples of your cousins?? This is why you suck with women, not because of race.If it's easier for you to be mad at white men and Indian girls rather than work on yourself, so be it - enjoy the delusion but you'll be enjoying it alone. Not saying that's right, by any means, but the traditional Indian family wouldn't want a black / oriental person.

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I don't willingly avoid them; it's just kind of happened that way. My parents came to America in their 20s and had me in Long Island, New York, where I grew up.

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