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They are not supposed to react sexually or show their won sexual drive & feeling while their husbands fuck them Some members of me their experiences & stated that most men were put off when they started reacting to their husbands thrusts into their cunts. men think their wives are whores is if they react sexually during sex.They got excited so much that :in their own words "I wanted to raise my hips & slam up when my husband pulled his cock out of my was slow & my cunt was on fire. I bit my lips & when i couldnt the slow pace of my north indian husband I just let go & screamed & started buscking my big hips up hard & fast till i came !!! This is common all north indian & south indian states of india There is an interesting epilogue to this story however !

They are also supposed to lie on the bed quitely while their husbands fuck them. I wept all day This story from jhansi in mumbai is a reflection of many many bedrooms in India !

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"already my husband has accused me of being & behaving as a randi & he never touches me. I loved the pungent male smell of cock, my first & then slowly i took my father-in-laws cock in my mouth & started old man squirmed with cum in my mouth & still was ertect, i parted my legs & he climed ob me & pushed his cock into my cunt.

My mother-in-law is encouraging him to flirt with another girl from the family, so why not I thought" I allowed my father-in-law to carry me onto the bed & he enjoed my body with his eyes & hands through my if he read my mind he pulled his cock out & asked me to suck it.