Hot and sexy chat bots

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Hot and sexy chat bots

With an average conversion rate of 2%, this technique probably needs some improvement.Live Chats yield a higher conversion rate but most hotels do not have enough human resources to operate them properly.The question is: will he go to your hotel or your competition and will he book direct or through an OTA?

Mobile and interaction are hot challenges for hotel marketing and chatbots are clearly the answer.Artificial intelligence is not perfect but it already mature for hospitality.In fact, most mistakes on hotel chatbots are not related with AI but with knowledge management and can be sorted by the hotel itself.Put yourself in the shoes of a customer: you started a conversation with a chatbot, asked for information regarding an event you’re organizing, and at some point, you asked for the price of the meeting room 10 rooms for 2 days.Zoe cannot answer that, but if you call back with just the right offer, the customer will be happy anyway and end up buying from you.

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But chatbots are not the future of technical communication. As Will Knight writes in Tougher Turing Test Exposes Chatbots’ Stupidity in the , current AI does barely better than chance in deciphering the ambiguity in a sentence like: “The city councilmen refused the demonstrators a permit because they feared violence.” (Who feared the violence?

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