Hobbit rrd error updating refinancing consolodating

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Or if your custom test reported a "red" status, you could make it go yellow for the first 5 test cycles, and red after that.Henrik Note: Currently, it only work for ping test.[sunos] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [osf1] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [aix] log:/var/adm/syslog/syslog.log:10240 [hp-ux] log:/var/adm/syslog/syslog.log:10240 [win32] [freebsd] log:/var/log/messages:10240 [netbsd] log:/var/log/messages:10240 [openbsd] log:/var/log/messages:10240 [linux] log:/var/log/messages:10240 dir:/tmp ignore MARK [linux22] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [redhat] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [debian] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [suse] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [mandrake] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [redhat AS] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [redhat ES] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [rhel3] log:/var/log/messages:10240 ignore MARK [irix] log:/var/adm/SYSLOG:10240 [darwin] log:/var/log/system.log:10240 [sco_sv] log:/var/adm/syslog:10240 # following are by machine names to ask hobbit clients send in messages file.[caoffice2435.com] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [caoffice2436.com] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [caoffice2437.com] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [caoffice2444.com] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [caoffice2445.com] log:/var/adm/messages:10240 [caoffice2141test.com] # Solaris 10 OS log # "log: FILENAME: MAXDATA" log:/var/adm/messages:10240 ignore MARK # hobbit server logs log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/acknowledge.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/bb-display.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/bb-network.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/bb-retest.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/bbcombotest.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/cgierror.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/clientdata.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/history.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/hobbitd.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/hobbitlaunch.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/hostdata.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/il02log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/notifications.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/page.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/rrd-data.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/rrd-status.log:10240 log:/var/opt/hobbitserver42/log/runwebalizer.log:10240 # httpd server logs log:/var/opt/httpd222/log/access_log:102400 log:/var/opt/httpd222/log/error_log:102400 # httpd server logs log:/var/log/maillog:102400 To give one group access to some info, and another group access to other info, use the PAGE statement in bb-hosts.

I'm not sure if alerts will work, though, since the Hobbit client doesn't generate the "page" messages that the BB server expects to trigger sending out alerts.You can keep your current client setup and just switch to Hobbit on the server side, and all of your clients will continue to work as they do with BB as the server.So you can migrate the server side first, and then migrate clients when you find that it is convenient to do so - or you want to take advantage of some of the new stuff that is in Hobbit.z/VM systems, I would be interested in converting to the new Hobbit code.In the default mode, you cannot use the Hobbit client to report to a Big Brother system.

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This delays a yellow or red status from appearing until it has stayed yellow (or red) for a number of test cycles.