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The latest social-networking phenomenon is filled with men showing off their genitalia.Shannon Donnelly talks to flashers about what they're getting out of it—and whether Chatroulette is turning otherwise normal men into exhibitionists.A T-shirt cut off at midriff completes the illusion.“If there was an alley or side street, I would stand in it waiting for women to come down the street.

Online, a flasher can control what is and isn’t seen, pointing the camera at his torso so that his face is obscured, and retaining the option to click “Next” if he doesn’t like who he’s paired with.

This new brand of no-risk flashing makes the kind of exposure indulged in by guys like Ben, a 45-year-old flasher who works with computers, seem almost antiquated.

Ben frequents a messageboard dedicated to exhibitionism, and agreed to shed some light on his own motivations for public flashing.

Most of them have extreme difficulty relating to women in a normal way.”Because of this, they may have more confidence in their physicalities than their personalities.

“They’re very proud of their equipment, so they sort of lead with their ace, shall we say,” Irwin says.

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