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Unfortunately, people tend to lump all women on international dating sites together, a common, yet unfortunate, mistake.

Open-minded gentlemen should evaluate each dating site, and each lady, separately.

The media has got many people believe that women on international dating sites Russians inparticular are only after one thing: a green card.

While there are certainly women out there who want immigration rights, the majority of Russian women need a more compelling reason to uproot their lives for an unknown future in a strange country.

A Russian has to give up a considerable amount if she decides to move away, and believe it or not a “Green Card” just is not enough reason on its own for her to give up her , job, family and friends.Over the next few months, Joe and I actually became good friends.We chatted about our pasts, our futures and our love lives in between snapping evidentiary photos of ourselves hanging out.There are thousands of men throughout the world happily married to Russian women in long lasting relationships.Just like anything in life, if you use your common sense you can weed out the bad girls on your own.

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We had fun trying to look the part of a duo deeply in love.

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