Google latitude background updating android

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Google latitude background updating android

By default, Android apps downloaded from the Google Play Store are automatically updated.If you would rather review the updates and any new or changed permissions associated with the updates, you can choose to disable automatic updates.I should be able to change criteria like the distance moved before notifying the UI. I have a little knowledge of service and public class Location Service extends Service { public static final String BROADCAST_ACTION = "Hello World"; private static final int TWO_MINUTES = 1000 * 60 * 2; public Location Manager location Manager; public My Location Listener listener; public Location previous Best Location = null; Intent intent; int counter = 0; @Override public void on Create() @Override public void on Start(Intent intent, int start Id) @Override public IBinder on Bind(Intent intent) protected boolean is Better Location(Location location, Location current Best Location) /** Checks whether two providers are the same */ private boolean is Same Provider(String provider1, String provider2) @Override public void on Destroy() public static Thread perform On Background Thread(final Runnable runnable) public class My Location Listener implements Location Listener I know I am posting this answer little late, but I felt it is worth using Google's fuse location provider service to get the current location. Simple APIs: Lets you choose your accuracy level as well as power consumption. Immediately available: Gives your apps immediate access to the best, most recent location. Power-efficiency: It chooses the most efficient way to get the location with less power consumptions 4.Versatility: Meets a wide range of needs, from foreground uses that need highly accurate location to background uses that need periodic location updates with negligible power impact. If you want current location only when your app starts then you can use You can find a very nice blog about fuse location here and google doc for fuse location also can be found here.In version 5.0 of the Google Play Store, you can still view permissions for an app by touching “Permission details” at the bottom of the app’s page.Manually updating apps allows you to review the permissions for each one, making sure they are ones you either agree with or can tolerate.Update According to developer docs starting from Android O they have added new limits on background location.

To prevent apps from automatically updating, touch the “Do not auto-update apps” option.

However, you might want to keep in mind that, if you run Google Latitude in the background, it constantly updates your location which means you better have a data plan in place.

Furthermore, this might drain the battery way more than switching Latitude off, which Google Maps Mobile asks you if you exit the application.

I am creating a background service that will run in its own process.

It should allow me to listen if the device location has changed.

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